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atarainaNews OiSHi and its great variety of colors

OiSHi and its great variety of colors

Do you know the colors of OiSHi?

So that you can always carry your OiSHi with you, at ataraina we have created a variety of selected colors.



From lively and summery colors to more formal ones.

Choose your favorite color!

The OiSHi design has been created for style. Its original colors are perfect to stand out and be fashionable.

  • Lavender, purple color that reminds us of lavender fields and gives us a sense of serenity.
  • White, the cleanest and purest color of all, as well as the most discreet.
  • Citron, lemon yellow, the acid and refreshing touch, a lively and striking color, like citrus.
  • Ice mint, light blue that transmits strength and freshness, like a swim in the beautiful paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean.
  • Blossom, pastel pink color just like the cherry trees that bloom in Japan.
  • Light gray, a modern color that also gives us a formal and elegant touch.



If you still can’t find your style, don’t worry, you can customize it to your liking!

Adhere stickers, beads, vinyls, paint it … whatever you can think of so that it is always ready in your day-to-day life.