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atarainaNews IFA Berlín 2020 3 -7 sep 2020
IFA Berlín  2020  3 -7 sep 2020

IFA Berlín 2020 3 -7 sep 2020

IFA Berlin 2020 3 -7 sep 2020

IFA Berlín 2020 3 -7 2020


This year the edition of IFA Berlin has been altered by the situation we have been experiencing for a few months; but that has not stopped it from continuing. Reinvent yourself or die! That is why this year has been held in person (with a reduced capacity) and digitally so that everyone interested in technological innovations can always keep up to date and know the most current products and improvements in a totally safe way.

From Creative Technology, which we have been attending without fail for several years in a row, we wanted to support the event and attend to publicize the products of our ataraina brand.

This edition has been, to say the least, special.

Always complying with the corresponding security measures, we have offered a friendly and close treatment from our stand, where attendees have been able to see our products first hand:

* OiSHi, the portable air purifier with scent.

* DEODORANT ONE, deodorizes and eliminates the bad smell of shoes from the source.

* ESCLIP, the electrostatic bulletin board.

* Flying Magic Cleaner, the world’s first flying air cleaner.


IFA Berlín 2020 3 -7 sep 2020


On the other hand, for digital assistants, we prepared a face-to-face presentation that was broadcast.

Our colleague Helen was in charge of presenting the Ataraina brand to viewers and she was the one who introduced the presentation of our CEO and the new promotional video created (if you haven’t seen it yet, you can do it here.

We leave you here the link to the presentation so that you can see it and get to know our company and products better.